Fasting at the health hotel Klosterberg

Do good for your health.

Fasting concept

Fasting has been going on here for over 35 years. These decades of experience as well as constant further training and the integration of the latest scientific findings represent the core of our offer. Our many regular guests especially appreciate this.

Purification is the focus of fasting. The conscious renunciation of solid food and luxury foods strengthens the feeling of freedom and lightness. A fasting period has an effect beyond the stay and changes everyday life positively. Fasting gives you new strength, brings insights and encourages you to go your own way.

Fasting procedure

Fasting start
A conscious preparation one week before arrival (according to the fasting tips provided by us) makes the start much easier.

Fasting days
Exercise is essential when fasting because it promotes metabolic activity and activates the circulatory system. We offer a varied program with guided hikes, functional gymnastics, water aerobics and much more. Rest and adequate sleep while fasting are very important. A spacious spa and many wonderful places in and around the hotel invite you to relax and unwind. A soothing massage or relaxing facial also create recovery time.

The cleansing on all levels supports the body during fasting, whereby "digital fasting" is also an important aspect. If you drink enough and have a positive attitude, you will hardly ever feel hungry.

End of fasting
At the end of fasting, tips for a healthy diet in everyday life are given. Lectures, workshops and documents provide information about the time afterwards.


Fasting for the healthy

Physical and psychological stability is a prerequisite for fasting.
If you have a sensitive gastrointestinal tract, are older (approx. from 70 years of age) or if you are taking medication, please consult your family doctor in advance.

We would like to point out that this is a stay in a hotel without medical care.

Combine with intermittent fasting

Absolute abstinence from eating for at least 16 hours can boost the body's self-renewal (autophagy), have a life-prolonging, rejuvenating and regenerating effect. If there is no external energy supply, the process of breaking down broken, diseased and dead cells is intensified. The free design of our juice and meal times is geared towards this. But many also benefit from this rhythm in everyday life.

The intestinal flora is supported daily in the morning with a glass of sauerkraut juice and also with yoghurt, linseed and sauerkraut.

Acid-base balance
In order to counteract hyperacidity, it can be helpful to use healing clay and base powder from our tea bar. These contain basic minerals in high concentrations and are therefore very good at neutralizing acids in the body. Calcium, potassium and magnesium also support muscle function.

The natural lightness of being

Fasting as a break
When fasting, we enter an inner quiet space and experience ourselves completely in the here and now. We allow our body to relieve itself and give it a break to digest. By consciously avoiding solid food and luxury foods, we awaken a new feeling of freedom and lightness in us. As blood pressure drops, mood lifts. Body and mind are in harmony.

Holistic health care
The health-promoting quality of fasting unfolds through the elemental cleansing that body and mind experience. With newly acquired motivation and strength, bad eating habits and exercise habits can be discarded and civilization diseases can be prevented. When fasting, we experience energetic flights of fancy and a significant improvement in mood. The balance between exercise and relaxation as well as a positive attitude are essential for this.

Fasting made easier
During the fasting program, the body lives off its reserves, it drains water and gets rid of toxins. This tightens the tissue and results in significant weight loss.

Setting the course for everyday light
With a new sense of self-esteem and an appreciation for the body, it is easier to reject unfavourable dietary and lifestyle habits. Discover a new freedom: the freedom not to have to follow every impulse.

Pets are not allowed during Lent.