Fitness. Focused. Moved

Life is movement. Movement is health. Health is life.
Chao-Hsiu Chen

Regular exercise is indispensable in the context of fasting, as it promotes the metabolism and activates the circulation. The most effective types of sport are those that promote physical and mental experience in a holistic combination.

Our modern fitness room offers you plenty of opportunities to do something for yourself and your body. We have cardio equipment such as an ergometer, cross trainer, treadmill and rowing machine as well as strength training equipment including Technogym "Kinesis" and free weights.

Our gymnastics room, the "Kraftplatz", also offers enough space and freedom of movement with a size of 120 m². Exercise units such as morning gymnastics, yoga, but also belly dancing and Zumba activate your circulation and are indispensable in the context of a time-out.

A golf simulator, a table football table and a table tennis table are also available for you.