When the break from everyday life becomes an experience

Started as a small bed and breakfast in 1980,
the Klosterberg has developed into a
renowned health hotel over the decades.
Initially smiled at, we already had a feeling back then that a fasting break is a natural
and efficient way to health and lightness.

Our own conviction allowed us to develop a fasting concept that
we have been offering successfully for over 35 years
with constant further development and with pleasure.
Appreciation, quality, naturalness and consideration
for nature have always been among our values.

BIO and regionality are reflected throughout the hotel;
in the selection of food, in cosmetic products and in the context of hotel cleaning.
Grateful to be able to work here in the Waldviertel,
we take responsibility for nature and the environment.

We look forward to welcoming you!

The Klosterberg team

Spring awakening on the klosterberg

Enjoy the warm rays of sunshine, fresh greenery and wonderful spring air on a long hike.

Use the self-cleansing power of your body with the fasting cure and
master the challenges of everyday life rejuvenated and strengthened.

Relax in the spa with a wonderful view of the spring landscape and
stimulate your metabolism with an activating morning gymnastics session.


Do good for your health

Most of the year the Klosterberg offers 10-day appointments with tea-juice-fasting and fruit-vegetable-fasting. During this time, the needs of the guests are sensitively addressed, guided hikes motivate you to take part in sporting activities and great additional programs invite you to arrange your fasting stay individually.

Intermittent fasting with a minimum of 16 hours of food is also offered for holistic health care. The resulting autophagy process stands for the self-cleaning of the cells and has a life-prolonging, rejuvenating and regenerating effect.

Fasting represents a strong stimulus for a change in lifestyle with a positive health effect. With newly acquired motivation and strength, bad eating and exercise habits can be discarded and lifestyle diseases prevented. The weight loss achieved through fasting can be seen as a positive side effect.

In the feel-good summer, our guests experience the health hotel Klosterberg without fasting. During these weeks, the kitchen will tempt you with dishes made from organic and regional products. A tasty lunchtime soup, freshly baked cakes and a multi-course dinner will inspire you as part of the feel-good board. Various arrangements and a varied activity program are offered to the guests.

The Klosterberg offers a relaxing, unforgettable holiday all year round.