Fruit-vegetable fasting

Do good to your body so that your soul may want to live in it.

Teresa von Ávila

Fasting "without renunciation". With this method, mainly alkaline fruit and vegetable dishes are consumed in raw and steamed form with herbs and salads during the fasting days. Due to the reduced calorie intake and the high water and vital substance content, the digestive system is relieved and the intestinal cleansing is supported. The skin becomes smooth and soft and the connective tissue becomes tighter. This variant is optimal for the immune system and facilitates a good start in a positive healthy diet and lifestyle.

Our concept consists of ten relief days, with around 600 kcal being consumed every day. All dishes are prepared without salt and fat and almost exclusively vegan. Due to the high fiber content of the food supplied, the digestive tract remains active and the immune system is strengthened.

Fruit and vegetable fasting is particularly recommended for people with a sensitive gastrointestinal tract, older people from around 70 years of age, taking medication and feeling insecure. Physical and psychological stability are prerequisites for fasting.