Massage & Beauty in the Klosterberg

Time we take is time that gives us something.

Ernst Ferstl

Arrive, let yourself go, find yourself. There is hardly a better way to relax than with massages and cosmetic treatments with valuable natural products. Wellness on the Klosterberg is more than a single relaxing moment, it is the sum of many invigorating and inspiring moments.


Massage and Cosmetics

The effect of fasting is supported by massage and cosmetic treatments. Touching the hand triggers reactions in the body: skin functions are stimulated, the metabolism is stimulated and the elasticity of the tendons and ligaments increases.

Our extensive range of cosmetics and massages is based on the motto "relax - relax - let go". And of course, bright treatment rooms also ensure a pleasant atmosphere.


Please note that 50% of the treatment price will be charged for short-term cancellations (within 24 hours).