Spa. Time for yourself. Quiet

The strength is to be found in serenity.

Enjoy your time with us in a relaxed way. Relax in the spacious spa. Natural light, a wonderful view of the countryside and plenty of space to retreat without the crowds enable a special kind of time-out. Pleasant warmth and refreshing water create conscious breaks for good recovery.

A visit to our light-flooded indoor pool offers an opportunity to fully savor the present moment , which provides a relaxed ambience and well-being with underwater lighting, massage counter-current system and whirlpool area , but also with a pleasant relaxation room. With a length of 17 m, the indoor pool is also ideal for sporty swimming.

In addition to the relaxation oasis in the house, the fresh, colorful landscape of the Waldviertel with its captivating scenery of dark green forest shadows and luminous hills has a particularly beneficial effect on the senses.

With a wonderful view of the Waldviertel landscape, you can relax and switch off wonderfully.

Feel the calm

Lots of space to relax,
natural light and silence.
Time pauses.

Our spa is a true oasis of calm and offers enough space to relax and unwind. Here you can revitalize your body and mind and recharge your batteries.

Our panorama saunas radiate maximum sauna comfort - with a view of the green landscape of the Waldviertel. The warm temperatures stimulate the circulation and support the cleansing process.

For a particularly cozy feeling of warmth, there is a new infrared cabin - with space to lie down as well as to sit. It is considered the alternative to the sauna, especially for people sensitive to heat, and ensures deep relaxation.

Since deliberate breaks during the holiday have a very motivating effect, our new spa has also been expanded to include a lounger area with a generous view of the garden. In the waterbed , it will be easy for you to let go. The room of stillness also offers deep moments of relaxation – a place to switch off and pause.

In the whirlpool area of ​​the indoor pool you can enjoy quiet moments with a wonderful view of the Waldviertel landscape and in warmer temperatures the spacious sunbathing lawn invites you to enjoy nature and let your soul dangle.

Of course there is also a solarium, salt SPA and steam bath in our spa.

To activate the circulation, our Kneipp pools create the ideal stimulus and the central drinking point with aromatic water provides the necessary fluid supply.