Tea-juice fasting according to Dr. Buchinger

Wavier doesn't take. Wavier gives.

Martin Heidegger

This type of fasting promises maximum cleansing for the body. The reduced energy intake of approx. 250 kcal per fasting day gives the digestive tract a break and nutrition begins "from within" (from our fat deposits). The intensive cleansing gives the organism the opportunity to dispose of harmful substances that have accumulated as a result of malnutrition or overeating. This type of fasting is recommended for rejuvenating and vitalizing the body. Weight loss is another positive effect.

After a two-day start, solid food is avoided during the six days of fasting. During this time, aromatic tea variations, freshly squeezed fruit and vegetable juices and alkaline vegetable broths are served. After the end of the fast, there are two build-up days.

Within the first three days, the body adapts to the new situation and the feeling of hunger disappears.
During the fasting days with tea, water, fruit and vegetable juices and vegetable broth, the body lives from its reserves: fat pads are broken down and toxins that accumulate in every human organism over time are excreted. Since no solid food is consumed during the drinking days, the digestive tract is completely relieved.

Careful nutrition and leading to a conscious lifestyle are topics of the last two days.

Physical and psychological stability are prerequisites for tea-juice fasting.